Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

My Valentine's Day memories are sitting at the dining room table agonizing over which Valentine to give to which boy, opening a homemade card from my Grandma Scott with a crisp $5 bill tucked inside, and frosting pink cookies with my mom.  In the spirit of these happy Valentine's Day Pasts I endeavored to make Callah's Valentine's Day Present special.

Anytime someone tells you to do a craft that invovles scissors, frosting, and sprinkles with a 16-month old, please laugh in their face and then run away.  I do this sort of thing in my classroom all the time.  I stand admist the chaos wondering firstly, how did I get into this mess?  And more importantly, how am I going to get out of it?  Fortunely at school the bell rings, the bus pulls up and the engineer comes in with a broom.  No such luck at home.  I think I will be swiffering sprinkles for the next 10 years.

Chocolate cut out cookies, pink frosting and sprinkles--oh my!
I had a craving for molasses cookies, so to make them more Valentine-y, I rolled them in pink sprinkles and sugar.  

I had great intentions to deliver these to neighbors, mail them to grandparents and in general parade around the neighborhood bestowing love and goodwill to all.  The molasses cookies I didn't eat myself are sitting in the freezer next to the Christmas stollen I still need to give to my neighbor.  But Callah's wonderful babysitter and my assistants were the lucky recipients of some homemade goodies.

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