Thursday, July 17, 2014

A year... Crazy!

June has come and gone and July is whizzing by so quickly that looking at the calendar induces mild panic attacks.  Callah is firmly rooted in her summer schedule so late nights and late mornings are the norm around here.  Nick however, is off to work well before seven many mornings, so I have some time in the early hours to sip tea, peruse the paper, practice yoga, and today, update my blog.

I can't help being reflective as our one year anniversary of moving to Minnesota passed with little more than Nick and I saying, "huh, we've lived here a year. Crazy." 

In one year, we started new jobs, moved twice, bought a house and got pregnant.  It is a little crazy.  A friend asked me recently if we were happier here in the Twin Cities and it made me think.  I would say overall, yes, we are happier.  We like our jobs a lot better and we love our new home, but as the Minneapolis Star Tribune recently pointed out moving to a new place is difficult and Minnesota may be tricker than most (  It's a big job to make and hone new friendships, but we've certainly come a long way in the last 12 months.  Moving into our neighborhood in Golden Valley has been a tremendous boon to our social lives and just the fact that it's summer means neighbors stop by on bike rides and walks and wave out of open car windows.  

As we paint and prepare for the new baby's arrival in a few months, I find myself watching videos of Callah as a baby and wondering where the time has gone.  In this year, she has made tremendous growth.  I still nursed her to sleep when we moved here and now she is an independent, chatty, almost potty-trained little girl.

This summer we've taken a music class, explored the cities and been to the playground nearly every day.  Below are a few pictures of the fun we've been having.

I am looking forward to this next year in Minnesota as we welcome our new baby, get deeper into our jobs and chip away at the painting projects in our new home.
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