Monday, March 12, 2012

Breastfeeding: A Love Story

I recently read Drew Barrymore quoting Bill Gates that every minute is an opportunity to do something. No one feels better about checking things off their to-do list than me, but sometimes doing nothing is not so bad. That’s one of the reasons why I love breastfeeding. Whether you’re gazing into your child’s eyes, reading a magazine or watching TV; it’s an opportunity to do nothing.

And of course, I realize that the act is not “nothing.” It’s life giving, it’s bonding, it’s health, but it’s also a chance to sit. And for that and all the other reasons, I love it.

How did I chance upon the Gates quote? I was reading InStyle while breastfeeding, a guilty pleasure that parlays into nothing helpful, but makes me believe that I have the time, energy, money, and genetics to look like the pages of the magazine.

As a working mom, every minute is eaten up by, well working. Home is work, job is work, relationships are work and being a mommy is a lot of work. I am relatively new to the world of working motherhood. I’ve been back to my job for about two months, and thanks to a supportive husband, understanding boss, and great colleagues the transition was not too bad.

That’s not to say that I don’t tear up when I’m sitting in a supply closet pumping over my lunch break, thinking how much I’d rather be actually breastfeeding my daughter. But even that is an opportunity. In lieu of purchasing a specially equipped multitasking pumping bra, I embrace my 20 minutes of zen. I focus on my breathing, I tell myself all is good, and I think about my baby (and quite frequently dinner and lesson planning). And sometimes I check my facebook page on my phone. No one is perfect!

Breastfeeding, besides sucking my body back into shape, gives me the OK to take a break from that to-do list and relax with my little one, knowing this time together is limited. Soon she will be eating cereal, mushed up prunes and before I know it a sandwich. I cherish this time we have as mommy and baby.
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