Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Blogosphere and ME! Crafting, cooking and parenting in the modern world

In 2012 "twitterverse" cracked the list of most annoying words (following "whatever" and "like" among others).  The first time I heard the word twitterverse was when I heard about this awesome list, but I hopped right on the bandwagon of being completely irritated by it.  So I feel a little hypocritcal now telling you about how much I love, love, love the blogosphere.  Don't worry, while twitterverse is super obnoxious, blogosphere is like totally awesome.  Or whatever.

Anyway, here are a few cool things I've done this week thanks to blogs.

Gifts in a Jar!! Genious.  From my new friend at The Gunny Sack blog.

I made this for my partner(ish) teacher Sarah who came back to work on Tuesday after her mommy time home with little Charlie!  Inside is hand sanitizer, lotion, lip gloss, protein bars, candy and tylenol.  What every teacher needs.

After spending months looking up teaching ideas on pinterst, it JUST occured to me yesterday to use pinterest to entertain my toddler.  Great idea!

Pom poms in muffin tins provides half hours of entertainment.

Beans and tupperware kept her busy while I made playdough and enchiladas AND cleaned the kitchen.  Huzzah Internet.

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