Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bath Time

Every other night I have a forced half hour exile in the bathroom watching Callah splash around.  Each suggestion that perhaps it might be time to get out is met with an emphatic "uh uh" and a vigorous shake of the head.  There are only so many times you can quack the ducky or pretend to disappear behind the side of the bathtub before your brain starts to atrophy.

In lieu of brain decay I've opted to spend the time pampering myself.  Last night I gave myself a facial, the time before that I painted my toenails and the time before that I blow dried my hair with such care and precision that it might well be what magazines call a "blow out."  I don't know for sure.  

It amazes me, though, as I watch her play in the bathtub how self contained one year-olds are.  She is perfectly happy to amuse herself dumping water from one cup to another for upwards of 30 minutes.  She sings along to the music in the background and is in general just the cutest little thing you ever did see.  So much so that I endeavored to catch it on video.  I recently spent the entire bath time trying to surreptitiously record her being adorable.  Every attempt was thwarted by her cheesy grin that she whips out any time she sees an electronic device, an old lady, a dog or a car driving by.

I tried turning off the flash, pretending I was talking on the phone, and hiding only to be outsmarted by my child at every turn.  Thus, the picture above.  Callah and her smile (it's the best I could do).  Even though I wasn't able to definitively prove it to all of you, it's still true that, if you have to spend a half hour somewhere, its really not a bad place to be.  And best of all my hair and nails agree!

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