Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Perfect Snow Day

We accidentally had a perfect day yesterday!  I know, I know, I just pledged to document all my mess-ups, but this wasn't my fault.  Blame mother nature and the 8 inches of snow she dumped on Milwaukee.

At 6 AM I tiptoed upstairs to tell Nick (who was in the shower) to come back to bed.  I was too excited to sleep (I'm really like an 8-year old when it comes to snow days) so we read in bed until Callah woke up.  Bam! Reading on a weekday morning, already totally awesome.

After brewing coffee in my french press and making breakfast for the family, I walked Zadora before Nick had to leave for work.  Then Callah and I promptly made the most of our day!

The old stand-by: noodles and beans. 

I introduced shaving cream to Callah's world.  At first she just kept putting gobs of it into her mouth, but after trial and error she figured out that it was super fun to squish between her fingers.

The start of our adventure.  

No snow day is complete without baking cookies.  Here's the link to the recipe for these yummy snickerdoodles: 

By 6 Callah and I were totally exhausted, so we had an early bath, lots of stories and snuggled in bed.  She was asleep before 7:30 and Nick and I had some TV time before ending our day much like we started it.

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