Wednesday, January 23, 2013


The last time I went to a Wal-Mart was a year and a half ago in eastern Idaho to buy sun screen for my brother's wedding.  That is, the last time before yesterday.
Where oh where can you get a button, baby food, a tea strainer and flannel jammies in convienent one stop shopping?  One stop was integral to my plan since it was about 1 degree outside.  So off we went to the suburbs.  Since there are no nice Wal-Marts near my house, a 20 minute drive was in order.  

It turns out that you can get a button, baby food and flannel jammies in one place, but you cannot get a tea strainer.  You can also get home and realize that your daughter's adorable Minnetoka pink moccassin is nowhere to be found.  

I needed a tea strainer, you see, because I broke the one Nick got me for Christmas due to my extreme tea drinking (see posts below).

I spent $50 at Wal-Mart, which I felt moderately dirty about, drove 20 minutes, bought the wrong size of onesies, was not successful in my tea quest and lost Callah's boot to boot.  

Back on went the bear suit, back on the hat, the mittens, the sweater, the boot (singular), and back to Wal-Mart we drove.  I slow rolled around the parking lot retracing my steps and low-and-behold there, pink and forlorn, was the abandoned boot.

Let's speed through the part where I stop my car in the middle of the aisle, dodge a great white pick-up truck (so many of those in the parking lot) and grab triumphantly the boot!

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