Friday, January 25, 2013

The Baby and the Dog

Our baby sitter's dog politely greets me when I pick Callah up in the afternoon and then lumbers off to go about his Frank business; sitting quietly, laying quietly or standing quietly.  I don't know if he does other things, I haven't observed them.

If you come to my house you are immediately attacked by a 40 pound black lab mix who has zero regard for your personal space.  If you don't like having your crotch violently sniffed or being rammed in the back of the knee, you might consider sneaking in through the garage on your next visit.

We've tried training, rewarding, coaxing and spraying her in the face with water.  She just gets so excited when anyone (other than Nick or I) come to the door she can hardly--I mean--she literally cannot control her excitement.

In the same vein, whenever we snap Callah into her high chair Zadora will come running from the far corners of the house (usually her dog bed a couple of feet away in front of the fireplace).  She and Callah have worked out some kind of gross system wherein Callah will pre chew any foods with skins, remove them from her mouth, and slip them to the dog.

Other options for getting food are when Callah accidentally drops them or purposefully flings them.  The cycle perpetuates itself because both baby and dog get such pleasure out of their distinct activities.  Baby giggles with glee when dog snaps a cheerio from mid-air and laughs hysterically when dog licks yogurt off her fingers.

We've tried locking Zadora upstairs but listening to the pitiful whining (from both Callah and Z) is almost too much to take at a dinner table that is already distinctly less relaxing than it was 16 months ago.  

Before you have a child or pick a puppy out of the pound, you feel quite sure that your life won't change too terribly much, you feel certain that with a few firm words and lots of love you'll be able to whip any little being into shape.  But realistically puppies and babies are what they are--spirited, excitable, and adorable!  What a drag our lives would be without them.


  1. Z and Callah worth their weight in gold: more joy, more love, and well yes more mess....


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