Monday, May 28, 2012

Joined at the Heart

The other day I was surprised to see how long my toenails were, as I just cut them.  Not five minutes later I was chagrined to find my hands dry and in need of lotion.  Odd, I thought,  I just put lotion on my hands.
Then I realized that in fact it was Callah's toenails that had been clipped, and you guessed it, Callah's hands were given lotion.  God knows the last time I groomed myself.  After giving birth and breast feeding for any length of time the line between my body and my baby's starts to blur.  A newborn child has demands on you that are unlike any deadline or expectation ever before.  And people, my toenails are paying the price.
For my, ugh, 32nd birthday that is around the corner I have requested a guilt-free afternoon (mostly spent with my wonderful family, but an hour to myself and a man with a pumis stone and some red nailpolish).  I think we'll all be happier for it.

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