Saturday, May 5, 2012

Puppy Love

When Callah was first born, Zadora, our lab mix was very interested.  She licked and licked her little bald head and tried to think of ways to occupy the same space as the baby.  Now that Callah has turned into a little human being with fingers that grasp and legs that kick, there's nothing that clears the dog out of the room faster than a Callah cry.

Z lives on a comfy bed in front of the fireplace and when Callah and I return home from the babysitters in the afternoon, I swear I hear the dog sigh as she scoots upstairs and under our bed.

This afternoon I watch, bemused, as Callah attempts in her awkward motion stage to catch the dog.  Callah can pretty much only roll, and she sets her sights on the black fur, and rolls.  She is so intent in her purpose that she doesn't notice that Zadora has taken her toys and moved.  Not deterred Callah  will recalibrate her GPS and set off, occasionally taking a break from this exhausting work by laying face down on her blanket.

I see Callah dangerously close to becoming more efficient in her mobility, and I just hope Z can find some new hiding places.

*Why the puppy and newborn pictures you ask?  Well, who can stay mad at a rambunctious puppy or a willful baby when you have these memories?  I mean look at Z her ears are as big as her body.  She (was) so cute!  And Callah, well, need I really say anything.  The girl is adorable.

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