Friday, April 20, 2012

Dope-lessly Optimistic

So besides my actual job (teaching), and those other jobs (child rearing, laundry, mopping, cooking, etc), my big calling is cheerleader. Sadly not the kind of cheerleader that gets to use pom poms, though. I wish.

When someone says it looks like rain, I say, "but yesterday the sun was shining."

When my husband says "I'm tired." I say, "but you have your health."

When my students say "I can't." I say, "yes you can."

When my husband laments that we can't have a fancy new car. I say, "but look at everything we do have. Count your blessings. Now, count them. Seriously. Let me hear them."

I am an eternal optimist. For seven months I thought every night would be the night that Callah slept all night in her crib. I always think I'll run into someone I know and love at the coffee shop (and a lot of times I do, I'm talking to you Heidi). Every walk I take my dog on, I firmly believe she wouldn't dream of eating poop (not after the talk we had last time).

But I'm working on it. I realize sometimes when you make a complaint you just want someone to say, "I'm sorry." Sometimes it IS going to rain, and oh well. And every time we walk my dog eats poop.

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  1. Someone needs to be optimistic!!!!! Also, I like you make your husband count his blessings.l.that made me chukle.


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