Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Calm at the End of the Day

The moments as she kicks and squirms her way to sleep are my favorite of each day. She nurses and I watch her fingers falter around the pages of my book or grasp my pen, her eyelids flutter open and close, her chubby legs cross and uncross kicking furiously. Slowly her body relaxes into even breaths, her arms and legs fall still. Some nights I read, write, or more often fall asleep-content and calm holding Callah in my arms.

I know there won't always be such days. Soon she will no longer need me to pacify her to sleep and I will probably feel relief and pride as I do at each accomplishment (phew- she made it here, just like she should). But, I will also miss it desperately just as I oddly miss her infancy days-- we sat on the couch for 20 hours a day, how did I not appreciate that more?

Until the inevitable happens and she turns another corner in her development, I sit and watch in awe, as always, of her life.

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